My name is Guy Bolton, I'm a paragliding instructor, adventure tour guide and photographer. I would like to create a relationship with the Goal Zero brand which I feel is an opportunity which both Goal Zero and the sport of paragliding to benefit from through exposure of your products. 

- Arriving in Wanaka after guiding a cross country flight in New Zealand's Southern Alps


The sport of paragliding represents the forefront of adventure travel. Vast distances can be covered by air, allowing access to the most remote regions on the planet. All without any environmental impact! No motors, no noise, just the power of the sun generating thermal updrafts. 

Paragliding pilots fly with GPS and altimeters which typically have a short battery life. As a result almost all pilots fly with an external battery pack. I did the same until I experimented with solar panels mounted on the harness. I've found the Nomad 7 Plus to be the perfect product for this application. Small, durable, highly efficient and importantly - it is easily mounted via the supplied carabiners, it's as if the product was developed with paragliding in mind! The Nomad 7 Plus allows me to keep my pack weight and volume to the absolute minimum while knowing that essential devices such as flight instruments, satellite messengers and my photographic equipment remain charged regardless of trip duration. While there are other compact solar panels on the market, I'm yet to find one anywhere near as efficient and compact as the Nomad 7 plus. In my opinion it's a piece of equipment no serious paraglider pilot should fly without. 

The paragliding industry is currently experiencing an ever growing demand for light weight, travel and adventure oriented equipment. Sales of light weight gliders have seen considerable growth and the accessories market is seeing similar gains as more pilots discover the potential for multi day paragliding trips. I see this as an opportunity to display how perfect Goal Zero products are for the sport as pilots are constantly searching for light weight, durable and environmentally conscious products.

- Recharging on the fly, Nepal

- Making friends, Nepal


Residing in the Swiss Alps between flying trips, I work as a paragliding instructor and photographer and have worked for flying schools in Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland. I run an instructional website and guide foreign pilots through alpine flying sites. My work as an instructor allows me to share my passion and knowledge in the sport. A considerable portion of this instruction is finding and recommending suitable equipment for pilots. Particularly lightweight, 'hike and fly' equipment for which I have grown a reputation. 


My flying style focusses around self sufficient Vol Biv (fly camping) and 'hike and fly' trips which allow me to visit remote corners of the globe by paraglider. From small villages in the foothills of the Himalayas, Alpine regions across Europe and New Zealand's Southern Alps, all while being self sufficient (the paraglider, harness and all camping equipment is carried by backpack).

- Breithorn 4164m

- Landing in the remote village of Tap, Nepal during a self sufficient Vol Biv expedition


I am currently setting up my own paragliding tour company which will allow pilots of all skill levels to experience 'hike and fly' and Vol Biv (fly camping). It's a project I'm passionate about as it will give all pilots the ability to safely experience a side of the sport which is often viewed as being out of reach. 

Alongside this I have multiple self sufficient Vol Biv (fly camping) trips planned, both through the Alps and abroad. Including a trip back to Nepal, a country which continues to amaze and inspire me through it's natural landscape and friendly population. These are trips which I would love to share with the Goal Zero brand.

- Sunset over Sarangkot

- Guiding a client across the Matukituki, New Zealand


  1. Advertising on my personal wing, visible to countless tourists around the alps and internationally. My wing's see literally hundreds of hours of air time annually, all over the world.

  2. Content appearing on as well as social media.

  3. Free product photography for new and existing products

  4. Exposure through photography which has appeared in major paragliding and adventure travel magazines, and is used by multiple paraglider manufacturers including the two largest manufacturers in the world.

  5. Product endorsements through my instruction connected to multiple paragliding schools and tour guiding services.

  6. Product testing and feedback

  7. My previous employment as a graphic designer means that I can autonomously create marketing content in line with Goal Zero branding.

Paragliders are a tried and tested advertising canvas with countless brands from Volkswagen to RedBull opting to use the gliders as a flying advertisement. 

The wing is a Supair Strike, a paraglider developed in France specifically for adventure racing and Vol Biv (fly camping). The wing represents the cutting edge of light weight, high performance paraglider technology and so is a fitting canvas for the Goal Zero logo to be displayed on. The wing is new and completely white except for a manufacturers logo. 


For a logo as pictured in the top image I would like to ask for access to Goal Zero products for use in flying expeditions such as compact solar panels and compact chargers.

For a full wing logo I would like to ask for access to goal zero products with a small financial contribution to assist with the cost of undertaking flying expeditions.


Goal Zero encompasses what a modern technology company should be. From Robert Workman's humanitarian work, the brand has grown from a humble desire to help those who need it most. I've personally found that the adventure sports industry is filled with passionate individuals who value a sustainable and ethical lifestyle through their sport. The sport of paragliding contains a large community of pilots wishing to discover the far reaches of the globe in a way that leaves no negative impact on the environment or its population. The Goal Zero brand and it's sense of sustainable adventure is something that I would feel proud to promote with the adventure sports and paragliding community.

I look forward to hearing from you.