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Guy Bolton is an adventure photographer and film-maker best known for his ability to capture moments in seemingly impossible locations around the world, telling the visual stories of extreme sports athletes and remote landscapes around the world.

His work has features heavily in the outdoor industry, being published by commercial brands and environmental organisations including the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). His background comes from Australia’s Aviation Rescue and Firefighting service as the station’s youngest trainer and assessor, giving him the skills to work in arduous conditions and a unique insight into the demands and rigours of emergency work around the world.​

A passionate paragliding pilot, Guy has guided pilots in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, Australia’s Gold Coast Hinterland, and the Swiss Alps, undertaken ‘vol-biv’ fly camping expeditions in 3 continents, and landed a paraglider on Europes highest peak - Mont Blanc. His love of the mountains has given him a broad range of experience in accessing remote and alpine locations through paragliders, rope access, or on foot, which comes through in his work capturing the moments that place the audience in these unique locations  

With a background in graphic design, Guy works to create holistic, targeted content true to the brand identity of the organisations we work with. This experience allows for the streamlining of content creation, often serving to bridge the gap between content creators, athletes and brands.


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