Guy Bolton is an adventure photographer best known for his ability to capture fleeting moments in seemingly impossible locations around the world. Bringing unique stories of brands and individuals to the public eye. 

His work has featured heavily in the outdoor industry, being published by magazines, brands and environmental organisations including the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). A background in Australia’s Aviation Rescue and Firefighting service has given Guy the skills to work in arduous and challenging conditions and the ability to capture content in locations others can’t. Guy has spent time embedded within the worlds busiest mountain rescue service, documenting the challenges of rescues on Europe’s highest peaks.

A passionate paragliding pilot, Guy has guided and instructed in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, Australia’s Gold Coast Hinterland, and the Swiss Alps, undertaken ‘vol-biv’ fly camping expeditions in 3 continents, and landed a paraglider atop Western Europe’s highest peak - Mt Blanc.


Guy has recently completed a 1,100 kilometer solo cycling journey from England to his home town in the Alps. His love of the outdoors has given Guy a broad range of experience in accessing remote locations. This comes through in his work which places the audience face to face with unique brand stories and visuals in captivating landscapes.

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